Benefits of Having a Responsive Website

responsive web design

All you have to do is look up from your mobile device to see that the use of mobile phones and tablets is on the rise. In the not so distant past, the majority of websites were clumsy and difficult to look at and navigate from a mobile device. If you wanted to see a mobile-friendly version you would be redirected to a new site. This is no longer the only way. Designers now have the option to create responsive websites.





What is a Responsive Website?

Quite often, when a regular website is viewed on a mobile device, the navigation and function aren’t the same as they are on your computer. Responsive web design responds to user behavior based on the size of the screen, the orientation and the platform so you get exactly the same level of experience no matter what type of device you’re using to view the website. It’s as if the entire site is compacted perfectly to fit your phone, tablet or other device, making your browsing experience a positive one. There are several benefits of having responsive web design as part of your website.

Save Time and Money

Designing and managing a website takes time and money. Having one site for desktop users and one site for mobile device users means a larger overhead for design, and an increase in the amount of time and money spent managing content, and analyzing your site’s performance. Building and maintaining a single site makes good dollar-sense.

Build a Better Site

The time and money you save on building and maintaining only one site allows you to put your resources into making it a better site. Your web designer can now make one superior site and can focus efforts on SEO, increasing your site’s visibility and bringing more users to your website.

Provide a More User-Friendly Experience

Now that more people are finding your site, its responsiveness will make for a better experience. If it is easy to navigate and visitors don’t have to spend time re-sizing the page they are much more likely to read your content and be drawn into what you have to offer.

Increase Conversion Rates

With more people using and making purchases on mobile devices, a responsive design is a valuable investment. When a visitor comes across a cumbersome site or has to wait a while to be redirected you are more likely to lose them. A better user experience makes it easier for a visitor to complete their purchase while on the go.