Can I Sell Products Directly From My WordPress Website?

using woocommerce to sell product from a siteMost of the time, when people think about shopping online, the first things that come to mind are the big names like Amazon, or eBay. Or, if the thinking turns to bargain hunting, combing through the various Internet “personal ads” for people in the local area who are simply looking to unload unwanted items with other locals. But selling things on the Internet doesn’t have to fall into one of these two extremes. The Internet is extremely flexible, and so is the WordPress platform, and there are plenty of other ways to do things online than just a big company approach, or a “flea market” alternative.

Find Your Solution

WordPress has, over the years, grown quite malleable to the needs of its users. For some, it is a simple means to writing a diary that the rest of the world can read. For others, it’s a way to create a new personal brand, full of reviews and editorials. And still others use WordPress to inform the world at large about their products or services, and, if there’s public interest, sell these things right on the spot. WordPress can indeed be used to sell products. It’s just a matter of determining what scale you want to implement this ability to sell.

If, for example, you are simply enjoying a hobby, and only want to make a little money on the side, where people that enjoy what you do can show their appreciation, it’s possible to set up your WordPress site to accept donations. People can then determine exactly what they think your product is worth and give you their financial gratitude immediately.

On the other hand, you may have a standardized set of products at fixed prices, and it’s easy enough to incorporate a plug-in that accepts major online payment systems such as PayPal so that you can set prices and conduct standard business transactions. If you’d like product purchases to be more like a comprehensive, online shopping experience, it’s even possible to integrate e-shopping cart solutions that allow visitors to add various products before finally “checking out” for a final payment on the total number of products purchased.

Do It Right

Just because you can make your WordPress site into a shopping portal, doesn’t mean you will automatically succeed at this. In the same way that building a store and stocking it doesn’t guarantee customers will show up and start buying things, having one website sitting amongst millions will need to do something to stand out from the crowd.

Your next step will be marketing. Learn the strategies to effectively get the word out about your content, engage potential customers in social media. Uncover the methods that people use for search engine optimization so that when people online are looking for the product that you offer, search engines ensure that you are somewhere on the top of the list of results people see.

Any and all of these techniques are just as important to ensuring a good online shopping experience as enabling your website itself to allow that shopping in the first place. So while it’s easy to make a WordPress site to sell your products directly, getting those customers to arrive at your website is another challenge that you will have to address.