Characteristics of an Effective Landing Page

Creating an effective landing page is about more than just getting people to the site: it’s about connecting with the user, and motivating them to take action, turning your “lead” into a “conversion.”
So, how can you have an effect on your potential customer’s conversion journey? It’s easier than you think! Below are a few basic tips and tricks to turn your lonely landing page into one that is actively converting leads:

Have a Clear Call-­to­-Action

A call­-to­-action (CTA) is just what it sounds like: a statement, phrase, or question which motivates the user to follow the path you’d like them to take. These can be as simple as: Call Now, Request an Estimate, or Sign Up. Focus on a single call to action on each page to ensure that your message is consistent, and that your CTA is in a place that’s clearly visible to your readers.
When testing different strategies, CTAs are one of the most important parts of your landing page. You can experiment with different colors, placements, and even the messaging itself to learn which combination gets the best results.

Focus on the Customer

When you’re designing your landing page, think like a customer and ask yourself: is your message geared toward a business, or a person? Do your customers type exactly what they want into the search bar? Thinking like a customer will help you design a landing page that best suits their needs, not yours.
Your landing page is about showcasing why your customers should follow your CTA.

Build an Effective Headline

Similarly to your CTA, having an effective headline is key to making sure your customers stick around. A good headline should be attention­-grabbing, but not over the top.
Design your headline to help direct your customers to the parts of your site which will help them solve their need or issue. Remember: you’ve gotten them to your site, now you have to provide them with a compelling reason to stay.

Keep It Simple

Don’t overwhelm visitors with cluttered visuals; leave lots of white space on your landing page and make sure to use fonts which are easy to read. This means visual details that look sharp and professional, interesting and relevant videos, and bulleted content which can be easily scanned for information.
Your customer should never have to go digging around for what they need!

Show Off Your Success

Do you have an outstanding list of existing customers? Were you featured in a magazine or article? Let your customers know! A small tidbit on your landing page which showcases your successes can be instrumental in leading your customer down the right path (hint: that’s buying or signing up for your services!)