5 Crucial Questions to Ask When Choosing an SEO Company

questions for choosing an seo companyThe decision to hire a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company can make all the difference when promoting your organization online. It can impact your organization’s search engine rankings and determine the quality of your online lead generation processes.

This means that, before choosing an SEO company, you must first complete the required research. We can help in this process, and in this post, we’ll provide five crucial questions to ask SEO companies about their services.

1 – Can You Provide Information on Past Clients and Their Results?

SEO is a results-oriented business. If a company is unable to showcase the impact of their services on the businesses of previous clients, they cannot demonstrate their value. Most will be happy to provide the names of at least three past or current clients to you.

They should also be able to show you how they helped the company and highlight the long-term value their services have had for that particular online organization.

Simple Language

A service provider must be able to communicate the benefits of their services to the majority of site visitors.

If visitors without experience in the marketplace cannot understand the benefit of the firm’s services, they’re unlikely to choose that firm. This means that the website content should be written for the average visitor and services should be explained without using complex language or industry terms.

By writing simply and clearly outlining their services, companies can then demonstrate their value to the visitor.

2 – What Types of SEO Services do You Offer?

When choosing an SEO company you should know that SEO services typically comprise three areas: technical elements, on-page content and off-page content.

Technical services will focus primarily on ensuring that all online content is indexed effectively, and can be easily crawled by the various search engines. On-page SEO relates to optimizing website content via keywords and other techniques, as well as supporting an effective user experience for both mobile and desktop users.

While off-page SEO relates to inbound links from other areas of the web, which provide a vote of confidence that showcases the trust held within the business. The company should offer services that include all three of these areas, because each area holds immense value as part of a full commitment to SEO.

3 – Can You Guarantee a Number 1 Search Engine Ranking?

Google’s algorithms are evolving constantly to ensure that the most relevant content for the searcher retains the top ranking. In addition, nobody has a clear understanding on how the algorithms are designed. This means that no company within the industry can guarantee a number one ranking through their services.

If a company makes this promise, it’s a clear indication their services are not legitimate. That makes choosing an SEO company easier because you know that this is not a company you want to work with.

4 – How Often Will You Provide SEO Reports?

SEO reports can help service providers showcase the tangible value of their SEO work. It’s important that the SEO company is able to provide clear data to your team on a regular basis. Most companies provide SEO data to clients on a monthly basis, but leading firms can accommodate their clients’ requirements for weekly or even daily SEO reports.

The data highlighted within these reports should include actionable intelligence on the performance of the website, including metrics such as search traffic levels, conversions, and keyword rankings. The report should also include a summary of all data points.

Be sure when choosing an SEO company that they can offer timely reporting so that you are always aware of how your website is performing.

5 – Why Should We Hire Your SEO Company Ahead of Others?

The SEO marketplace is exceptionally competitive, and this means it’s important for companies to differentiate themselves. By asking this question, you can gain a clear understanding on the company’s services. You should try to avoid companies that can only offer lower pricing or promise faster results than others did.

The best SEO companies in the industry will focus on their results and the tangible value they can offer within their SEO work.

SEO services can bring lasting value to your online business! But first, you must commit to researching your SEO specialist. Use the questions highlighted in this post to find the leading companies in the SEO field.