5 Best PPC Companies
Company Name Year Founded Revenue FTEs Pricing Score Profile
Hudson, Ohio
Sean Bolton
2006 Above 250k 1-10 Medium
Full Profile
Alexandria, VA
Pete Juratovic
2013 Above 250k 1-10 Medium
Full Profile
Chicago, IL
Bill Ross
2007 Above 250k 1-10 Medium
Full Profile
St Louis, MO
Wayne White
1998 Above 250k 1-10 Medium
Full Profile
New York, NY
Big Drop
2003 Above 250k 11-50 Medium
Full Profile

Finding the Best PPC Campaign Management Companies

The quickest way to directly drive more potential customers to your website is through paid search. However, managing a pay-per-click campaign can be difficult and time-consuming, and when poorly done, can run up costs while producing little in the way of results and ROI.

Therefore, you should find an experienced company to provide you with the high quality PPC campaign management that you and your business depend upon.

The best companies for pay-per-click advertising will help you design, develop and manage a campaign from start to finish. This actually encompasses many different components than most people realize at first glance.

Pay-per-click campaigns require in-depth research on search terms, traffic and competition. A bidding strategy must be put into place within the constraints of a particular budget, and a range of different ads must be created, pinpointed to different searches and customers. Optimized on-site landing pages should also be created to maximize conversions, and improve overall campaign results.

Further, any of the best PPC companies should provide you with ongoing assistance in the form of continued analytics, evaluation and optimization. PPC campaigns must be tested and re-tested, bids must be adjusted, and new search terms must be exploited. A stagnant campaign is one which is likely to fail in the long run.

Clearly, there are many different roles that a PPC management company must take on, and it's crucial to hire the right provider. Your very profitability and presence depend on it. Utilize our rankings to help find the best PPC company for you.