Customizing Your WordPress Menus with Plugins

custom wordpress naviagtion menu using pluginsOne of the best aspects of WordPress is how simple it is to customize and control. This can be seen in their menu system, which lets you use drag and drop functionality to create a menu from scratch and insert it into your website. Still, it’s important to understand more about WordPress menus, how to customize them, and even use plugins which are available to help you unlock even more potential features and capabilities.

The menus area of your WordPress site is located under the Appearance tab. Here, you can create menus from scratch, or play around with menus which already exist. Your menu can include any pages on your site, or even categories of posts. You can also add custom links within your menus. These links could be to an external site, or specially highlighted posts within your own site that you wanted to show off.

Once you’ve added everything you want in your menu, you can change its structure, creating tiers of subpages and a hierarchy. Drop down menu functionality with at least two to three levels is mostly standard for WordPress themes these days, and can be customized to increase or decrease how many levels are shown.

Different menus can be given names, and then be assigned to different locations on your site. That means you aren’t limited to having a single top navigation area.

If your theme has other designated menu spots, you can choose that secondary location, and assign it its very own menu, whether that’s in your footer, sidebar, or anywhere else. When your theme doesn’t have any other designated menu areas, you can insert that code yourself into your theme’s files, if you’re comfortable playing around with a bit of PHP and some tutorials which are available to help you.

Do More with Your WordPress Menus

Wordpress menus don’t have to stop there. You can create “mega menus”, which may showcase recent posts and photos from different sections of your website, widgets, or other multimedia content; “sticky” menus which always stay at the top of a page as a user scrolls; mobile only menus displayed to visitors browsing on their phones, and much more.

Of course, many WordPress themes already offer enhanced menu capabilities, so you may not need anything else. However, a few free plugins you may want to explore include:

  • Max Megu Menu: Max Mega Menu integrates with your existing theme to create flyout and mega menus without any theme edits. Drag and drop widget functionality up to 8 columns wide, with icons and all types of features.
  • WP Sticky Menu: Comes with other 20 styles to instantly add a sticky menu to any theme. Also offers mega menu functionality, and mobile-friendly, responsive coding.
  • Dropdown Menu Widget: Create, stylize and tweak CSS dropdown menus, including vertical and horizontal menu functionality.

Now, the sky’s the limit with your WordPress menu, and you can make it work for you to help accomplish any goal.