Great Tips For Your WordPress Footer

Many people think that the footer of a website is more or less dead space. Whatever is there will be overlooked and bypassed, and nobody will pay attention to it. However, that’s not really the case.

In fact, with a great footer, you can accomplish quite a bit, and make sure you do more with your traffic before those visitors move onto a different site or activity. Here are some important tips you can begin putting to use to improve your WordPress footer today.

Make Sure it’s Widgetized

Widgets allow WordPress websites to accomplish so much with so little effort. The great thing is that they can be deployed anywhere on your website, as long as that area of the site’s theme has been widgetized. That basically just means the proper coding is in place to allow for a new section of widgets to be displayed.

Even if you’re not a coding expert, you should be able to follow along with available tutorials in order to add widget functionality to your footer. From there, anything you want can be easily placed right where you want it.

Provide the Essentials

Your site’s footer should have some essentials that can help a “lost” visitor navigate around. That might mean basic navigation links to key areas of your website, or even a small navigation menu of important pages which aren’t in your top menu, such as a site’s sitemap or privacy policy.

You should also provide for a way to people to follow you socially. You likely already have that elsewhere on your site, but remember, the footer offers another chance for you to capture that visitor before leaving.

Emails & Signups

Speaking of capturing that visitor before he or she leaves, you can utilize the footer to have a widget or call out with an email newsletter signup, or another offer. For example, a free eBook or resource that you’re providing to people. Try to entice those lost and leaving visitors before they’re gone for good.

Social Connections

Beyond links to your social media pages, a footer is also a great place to showcase recent social activity. That could be recent Instagram photos or Tweets, or any other social platform you’re utilizing to get more content out there and connect with customers.

Recent or Featured Activity

Your WordPress footer is also a perfect spot for showcasing all of your recent posts, so people can see what you’ve been up to, and what they may have missed elsewhere. Or, instead of recent posts, consider showcasing a select few featured posts, or even the most popular posts of your website, which are already proven to do well with your audience.

With the right types of features and functionality on your WordPress footer, the bottom of your website will go from a dead zone to an indispensable way to generate more leads, capture visitors and turn them into prospects, and spur on more traffic and interaction. Visit our list of WordPress designers to find the right company for you!