Has Your Site Been Affected by Google’s Mobile Algorithm Update?

how to make my site mobile responsiveGoogle has been preparing for a major overhaul of its rankings, and if your website and your business find itself on the outside looking in, you could be in big trouble in terms of your online positioning. Here, learn more about Google’s mobile algorithm update, what it all means, and how you can fix the situation if you’ve been negatively impacted.

Google has made a final decree against unresponsive websites which don’t adapt to smartphones and tablets. With the mobile search market soaring, and poised to continue growing and eventually eclipsing traditional, desktop search, a mobile-friendly and responsive website is now a must-have.

To this point, if you haven’t had a mobile-friendly site, you’ve still been accessible to this massive pool of consumers. Of course, you may have scared them off, once they loaded up your site and couldn’t swiftly or intuitively navigate around and find what they were looking for. Still, you were able to be found, even if you were missing out on successfully converting those visitors into real prospects and paying customers.

That’s all set to change though, and Google has made it clear that with this update, unresponsive websites are not going to be found highly, or potentially at all, during mobile searches. There’s also a realistic chance that this negatively impacts your overall rankings, even for searches completed through a traditional computer setting rather than a phone or a tablet.

How do you know if you’re being penalized? If you have a Google Webmasters account, you likely would have received warnings that your site is not mobile-friendly and must be fixed. Otherwise, if you’re unsure, there are quick diagnostics and tests you can complete online, or you could simply pull up your site on your own phone and see if it’s responsive or not. If you’re still not sure what’s what, it’s certainly time to speak with a professional and let them guide you through this process.

When your website has been negatively affected, there’s no time to waste. Now’s the time to take action and fix your website before it falls too far behind. With WordPress Design Services, you can quickly find the highest rated companies for the specific services you’re looking for, in this case, beautiful responsively designed websites.

Register for a redesign project, and you’ll get matched with the company who’s best suited to your needs. Having a mobile-friendly website is no longer a nice perk, it’s a mandatory facet of your online profile. Take action today to ensure your site remains in good standing with Google after their mobile algorithm update.