Learn How to Minify Your WordPress Site to Improve Performance

how to minify wordpress code imageYour page’s speed and overall loading time is an important, and often overlooked, element of your success online. Not only does this affect how a user interacts with your website, and whether or not they continue to do so or are scared away, but it also weighs heavily on your site’s search engine optimization. Simply put, a site which takes forever to load is going to be punished in Google.

One solution to a slowly loading website is to minify your site. Learn how to minify your WordPress site and you’ll quickly see an uptick in performance.

First of all though, what does it even mean to minify your site? Minifying will optimize your code, including HTML, CSS and Javascript, so that its cleaner and runs more efficiently. It removes unnecessary or redundant elements and wasted space from the code.

A few examples of code killers include excessive white space, comments, new line characters, or simply bulky coding which isn’t based upon the latest best practices. This can be resolved manually, although it could be a timely and cumbersome process. This is especially the case if you aren’t familiar with coding.

You could inadvertently remove something which you thought wasn’t necessary, only to end up breaking the functionality of your site. With PHP and CSS, one missing semicolon, quote or bracket could cause you a world of trouble. Therefore, you shouldn’t get into your code and start deleting and moving things around unless you’re confident.

There are a variety of free tools you can find and use online which will help you minify. There are also plugins you can use within WordPress which will automatically and continually minify your code. These will eliminate any guesswork or confusion you have, and provide you with high quality results. A few examples of plugins you could use include WP Minify Fix, WP Super Minify, AssetsMinify, and Better WordPress Minify.

Keep in mind, minifying your website’s code does not mean the same thing as compressing your website’s code. So be sure to find a plugin or tool which offers the former and not the latter.

The best solution will be a proactive one. That means finding a high quality WordPress design company to work with from the start. They’ll be able to provide you with high quality coding which helps you in every way – with your search engine rankings, your page speed, your responsiveness across multiple platforms, and more. That way, you can be confident and comfortable that your success isn’t being hindered behind the scenes.