Must-­Have Features for a Professional Services Website

best professional services websiteBecause of the unique nature of a professional services website compared with a retail or ecommerce site, site builders must consider the elements required within their website’s design. The website for a professional services company requires the company to make a significant impression on their visitors – the goal is to impress with site functionality. And so within this post, we’ll take a look at the features a professional services website requires.

It Utilizes Seamless Navigation

A services website must have a seamless navigation path. It must allow the visitor to immediately see links to relevant information. To ensure seamless navigation from unique points across their website, professional service companies must link to all areas from their home page and back. They must also tell the visitor where a link will take them to on their website. Showcasing this ease-of-site navigation will help build trust in the company and ensure the visitors sees all relevant information to make their service choice.

The Website Uses Simple Language

A service provider must be able to communicate the benefits of their services to the majority of site visitors. If visitors without experience in the marketplace cannot understand the benefit of the firm’s services, they’re unlikely to choose that firm. This means that the website content should be written for the average visitor and services should be explained without using complex language or industry terms. By writing simply and clearly outlining their services, companies can then demonstrate their value to the visitor.

A Highly Visible Testimonials Page

The website visitor’s decision to work with a services company is often not related to the company expertise directly, but the past experiences of its clients. By having a prominent testimonials page, companies can showcase their experience in the industry and the benefits derived from their services by previous clients. To further prove their value, services companies can also use the testimonials page to highlight how they’ve helped clients overcome specific challenges.

There Should be Well Placed Calls to Action

A well-placed call to action can drive a tangible return on investment in web design. The goal of the call to action is to encourage the visitor to connect with the company. Whether it’s to call the company’s sales team directly or to watch a video demonstrating the company’s services, the calls to action should be placed in prominent positions across the website. It’s also important the call to action clearly states the benefit of taking the action to the visitor.

By using the elements highlighted within this post, professional services website builders can create a dynamic site that operates as an effective lead generation tool for their business over the long-term.