Optimizing Your Use Of SEO

The world of SEO or search engine optimization is ever changing and thus requires some due diligence in both keeping up with the changes as well as with the practice in general to ensure that you are utilizing it successfully.  To determine whether your SEO efforts are making the grade, there are a number of areas you can review.

Keeping Up with the SEO Trends

If you are managing your own SEO, keeping current with your methods is extremely important. It can be difficult to stay on track with the changing trends and if you find it gets too challenging, it may make sense to outsource your online marketing to a reputable third party. Just as you would outsource other highly specialized areas of your business such as legal or accounting services; online marketing may be far more cost and time effective this way as well.

SEO and Online Continuity

Just as you would with any other area of your marketing, it is important to make sure that your messaging is consistent.  While you want to ensure that you have continuity among all platforms, it is especially important to keep your online presence congruent.  Whether you are keeping your online marketing in house or outsourcing it to a third party, you will want to ensure that everything from your website or e-commerce site, to your advertising, pay per click advertising, social media messaging, and any SEO marketing is on point.  

Industry Expertise for SEO Success

Obviously, you are an expert in your industry, but you also want to be an expert in the SEO of your industry. This is not the same thing and is often why it is a good idea to outsource your online marketing and SEO to a strong third party team. And you will want to check their credentials within your industry as well (or that of a similar nature).  Different industries have very different metrics online. Whether it be online buying trends, influencing, social media savvy, etc., marketing online to a death metal music audience compared to that of a baby care audience is likely going to be drastically different.

Size Matters In SEO

Not only is a company’s experience with your industry important while planning your online marketing strategy, it is also essential that they be experienced with the size of your business. Creating an online marketing and SEO plan for a huge multi-national corporation needs to be significantly different to that of a local store. If they have not managed campaigns for a business of your size, they may not be well versed enough to create an effective strategy with a strong enough return on investment.

Have a Plan To Review Your Online Success

Ensure that your online marketing strategy or the one that is put together for you by an experienced SEO company is also accompanied by a set of metrics and deliverables that will enable you and your team to track its performance. Unless you have a bottomless pot of money to throw at a massive online campaign, it will usually take a little bit of time to gain significant momentum and have the full results that you are seeking. However, as long as you are seeing the progress and feel that there is continuity and strength to the overall campaign, you will be able to fine tune the strategy as you move along and watch the online presence and persona of your business come to life.