Why a Responsive Website is a Must-Have for Your Business

responsive web design examples imageOne of the big buzz words for websites today is “responsive.” But if you’re a small business owner trying to make sense of it all, you’re likely asking: What does having a responsive website even mean? Why does it matter for you and your business and why should you care? Here, you’ll learn more about responsive websites and why having one for your business is essential.

What is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website is a site that has been designed to work well on different types of platforms. That means desktop computers and laptops with varying screen sizes, platforms, and operating systems, as well as — and here’s the real key — smartphones and tablets.

A responsive website can be easily accessed, browsed, and interacted with while on the move — wherever a user may be and however he or she is choosing to get online. From iPhones and iPads, to Android phones and tablets, and more, responsive websites offer seamless displays.

Why It Matters for You

This all might sound great, but: Why does it really matter? Not that many people are searching for your business from their phones anyway, right? Wrong.

Research shows that approximately 30% of all online searches, right now, are being made on smartphones and tablets. That’s nearly a third of your potential customer base who you’re automatically missing out on if your website doesn’t work, load quickly, or display properly on phones and tablets.

That number is rapidly growing and within several years it’s expected that mobile searches will surpass desktop searches. This means that now is the time to stay ahead of the curve and get a responsive website, before you fall behind the competition.

It’s also important to realize the ramifications that not having a responsive website can have on your business. Not only do you miss out on this expanding mobile market segment, but you could also see loss elsewhere.

Google is continuing to place a greater emphasis in their ranking algorithms on websites having responsive coding. If your business doesn’t, you could be penalized in the search engines, even for users who are browsing on their desktop. This can be a double-whammy of poor performance and missed opportunity that no one can afford.

When you’re ready to move ahead with your website and be well positioned to succeed online, view our list of the top responsive WordPress design firms.