Three Important SEO Tips to Include in Any Web Design Project

seo for web design

Web design and search engine optimization were made for each other. It’s not exactly Romeo and Juliet but considering SEO when designing your site will enhance your search engine ranking, making it easier for your site to be found, and ensure that your site is ready for SEO improvements as your site builds. Here are 3 important SEO tips your web design can’t live without:





#1 Provide Content That is Relevant, Interesting and Well Organized

It is not enough to have content full of keywords on your site. The content needs to be of high quality, relevant, useful to the reader and current, and the keywords need to be used appropriately. Make sure the content is well laid out with paragraphs separated by subtitles and large bodies of information broken down using bullet points or numbers. Content that is well organized, interesting and helpful to the user, as well as updated regularly will bring people to your site and increase your ranking.

#2 Put Considerable Thought into Layout

A good layout will lead to a positive feedback cycle, in which layout makes the site more searchable, bringing more visitors, which makes it even more searchable. Here are a few important layout considerations:

  • Put the main content close to the top of the page, or “above the fold” so that it is easier to find
  • Include a site-map for easy navigation
  • Use hyperlinks and anchor text on each page for easy navigation throughout the site
  • Get rid of unnecessary images, wording or plug-ins that slow the site down or make it too cluttered for the user to find what they are looking for. Load time of your page is important to retain users.

#3 Link to Other Sites and Have Them Link to You

Links, well placed and easily readable, are an SEO tool that can be used in a few ways to increase the visibility of your site.

Link to other sites that relate to your site either in your text, or through a resource or links page. When people click on these links it tells search engines your content is trusted and you are valued source of information.

Have other sites link to your site. Providing excellent content will increase the chances that this will happen on its own, and there is no harm in asking a site manager to link to your site if the relevance is clear. Just let them know that they their search engine ranking will go up when people click onto your site through their site.

One last thing to note is that readable links in the search bar are good SEO practice. Providing a link that contains a relevant word rather than a long string of numbers and symbols not only makes it easier for people to find and share your page, but search engines will rank it higher. Of course, be wary of directing links back to your own website that aren’t sent by authoritative sites, or aren’t genuine. Link building in the old sense is no longer relevant, and any link building you do must follow search engine best practices.