Tips for Choosing the Right WordPress Theme for Your Business

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If you’re using WordPress for your business website it can feel like choosing the right theme to suit your needs is an impossible task ­ after all, with so many options available, it can be easy to feel “information overload” and become paralyzed when trying to make a decision

In this post we’ll discuss a few types of themes, and provide some suggestions to help you make the right choice:

What’s a Theme?

Before we go too deep, let’s get this out of the way so we’re all on the same page: if your WordPress site is a car, the theme is the make, model, and color that make it unique. A well-designed theme will help your website stand out from all the rest, and will determine how effective the site looks and feels.

Free vs Paid Themes

While WordPress does offer free themes, as a serious business owner you’re going to want to pay for a theme. Why? Because your business is important, and paying for a theme means you can rely on it to always be up­ to ­date with the latest security updates, new WordPress features, and other features that may change over time and necessitate updates to your website.

Choosing the Right Theme

Below is a checklist of things to consider when researching themes for your website:

  • Is the theme backed by a development team? Most free themes don’t offer constant support because there aren’t developers being paid to support it, which is enough reason alone to purchase a theme.
  • Does it offer good SEO options? The top premium themes have terrific SEO options built right in, so you don’t have to worry about coding your website a specific way to make sure it gets picked up by search engines.
  • Does a theme look good “out of the box” or does it need customization? This should be a deciding factor in your decision­making process. Check what sorts of customizations are available right out of the box, and decide how much developer involvement you want in order to create the best custom theme.
  • Is the cost in your price range? The best premium themes run from $40­-$80
  • Is payment recurring, or one­time? Annual renewals might seem daunting, but as we discussed earlier, having a dedicated (paid) team of developers to make sure the theme is updated is crucial.
  • Is the theme “responsive”? This is another crucial area you need to investigate. “Responsive” themes mean they are optimized to look good on mobile phones, which is where people are doing the majority of their browsing these days. If your theme looks awful and is hard to use while on ­the ­go, it’s unlikely that those visitors will ever come back, no matter what they’re using to browse.

Whatever you choose, be sure to test your design and make sure it’s in perfect working order before your website goes live. Having a strong, well­ designed, easy to navigate website can make a huge difference in the kinds of customers you attract, and can be a great way to boost your business!