Top 7 Qualities to Look For When You Need to Find a WordPress Design Agency

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As WordPress continues to grow in popularity, more businesses are realizing it’s time to get on board with this fantastic content management system (CMS). At the same time, more companies are offering their services as a WordPress design agency. While that’s a good thing, overall, it also makes it difficult to separate one from the other. When you need to find a quality WordPress design agency, look for these top 7 qualities and capabilities.

  1. Up-to-Date & Ahead of the Curve: Last year’s best practices in WordPress design and development are already outdated. This field evolves extremely quickly and it’s essential that any company you work with places a premium on staying up-to-date, and ahead of the curve, with the latest trends and concepts.
  2. Responsive Designs: One of the key best practices in today’s market is responsive website design. Responsive websites automatically adapt themselves based on the user’s platform, meaning they display and function properly on smart phones and tablets. This is a market segment that’s growing exponentially — already accounting for 30% of all online searches — which means it’s a must-have for your business.
  3. Industry-Specific Knowledge: The website of a medical professional probably shouldn’t look and feel like the website of a technology company, a hotel, or a clothing store. Different industries may also need different capabilities on their website. You want a WordPress design agency that has industry-specific knowledge for you and your field. This makes it possible for you to convey who you are, what you’re offering, and what you need to accomplish with your website.
  4. Conversion-Focused: Pretty websites are great, but they won’t necessarily increase your bottom line. Any high-quality website design should be centered on the ideal of increasing conversions. From site layout to functionality, contact form integration, to calls of action, and so much more, your website needs to be straightforward. This will help lead users to take the specific action you’re pointing them to.
  5. Flexibility & Versatility: Any WordPress design company should offer you flexibility and versatility. This means they really need to listen to you — your wants, your needs, and your goals — and work with these goals to reach your desired end result. No company should just be stuck, doing the same exact thing for each client. The development of tailor-made designs, solutions, and a willingness to be flexible are key factors.
  6. Optimized Websites: An attractive website might look great, but it needs to lead to increased sales or profit and be properly optimized. Heavy code can also bog a site down, in terms of speed and performance. Sites that are not designed to allow for easy optimization for the dozens of on-site ranking factors will also fail to perform in the search engines. These are all big “no-no’s,” and need to be avoided. A responsive, optimized website is an absolute must.
  7. New Websites & Redesigns: Your business could be in any stage of its lifespan. Maybe you’re brand new and you need a sparkling, new website to match. Maybe your existing website just needs a bit of an overhaul, or instead, needs to be torn down completely in order to build anew. Whether you’re starting from scratch, you’re redesigning, or you’re tweaking, you need a company that can fulfill your needs and has experience with all stages of website design and operation.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to finding a WordPress design agency. Browse our list of the top design agencies to find the company that best suits your needs and goals.