Upgrading a Static HTML Website to a WordPress Website

convert HTML to WordPress imageIs your website stuck in the past? You had that snazzy little HTML site designed a decade ago, and you’ve been sitting around and wondering how come your competition keeps on gaining more attention online than you are. Don’t worry, because any old static HTML website can be converted to a WordPress site.

So why should you make the switch? By upgrading to a WordPress site, your business will benefit from a system designed to capitalize on all of the latest and greatest features and functions of websites. Your site will be displayed properly across all platforms, from desktops to tablets to smartphones, and you’ll be able to easily add, remove and change content on the fly.

Whether it’s displaying a portfolio, or selling your products directly via eCommerce, WordPress can help you do it all. You’ll have a site which can rank highly in the search engines and be eye-catching for visitors at the same time.

So let’s get started discussing how to go about this process.

If you really have an older website, there isn’t much point to copying the layout of your static HTML website and trying to create a new WordPress site based on it. It’s outdated, probably not mobile friendly, and without the capabilities you need.

So, find a new theme that you’re comfortable with and which matches your needs and preferences. From your color scheme to your logo or whatever else, you can keep what’s important from the old site while starting fresh.

Then, if you’re going about the process manually, install WordPress onto your domain in a hidden folder that  your visitors won’t find. This will give you an opportunity to play with the new site until it’s fully ready for launch, without there being any downtime in the transition when you switch. For instance, you could install WordPress as YourDomain.com/testsite/.

Now you can begin transferring the actual content. You can simply copy and paste the text of your website to the new appropriate pages and sections you’re creating within the new WordPress site. Customize the way the theme looks and functions, add the photos you want, and take care of all of the small design issues so your site is exactly the way you want.

Once that’s in place, create a new hidden folder, for instance, YourDomain.com/oldsite/. Move all of your existing site’s files into the old site folder, and then move all of the WordPress site files outside of its folder, so it resides on YourDomain.com. Your new site is up and running, there was no downtime, and your done with that old static HTML website once and for all!

Of course, that’s a bit of an oversimplification of the process but more or less covers the major stepping stones. If that already sounds entirely too complex, then be sure to find a reputable WordPress design company who will take care of all of the legwork for you.