What Makes WordPress the Most Popular CMS Platform

wordpress logoThroughout the years, WordPress has continuously grown in popularity. What started out as a blogging platform has now grown to help many people easily design professional websites. How did this happen?

Simplicity: WordPress users are consistent and dedicated to this platform for one reason – it’s easy to use.

Fantastic Plugins: Adding to WordPress’s ease of use, they also offer an array of useful plugins. Users can now do anything from secure their sites, to track traffic with just a few clicks. When it comes to professional sites, there are also plugins that help optimize business sites to bring them up higher on search results and there are also plugins that help with site performance. With all of the tools just a few clicks away, it’s hard to ignore the automated plugins this platform offers.

Widgets: WordPress widgets can do a lot. Whether you’re looking to monetize your site with ads or add a shopping cart to an eCommerce site, these widgets make the creation much more simple, and provide professional outcomes.

Professional themes: While not everyone loves WordPress’s default themes, there is an online marketplace that offers any theme you could imagine. From fun, to funky, to clean, and professional themes, the visual world is limitless for WordPress users. Along with numerous options, these themes are also easy to install and activate.

Support is readily available: As more and more professionals rely on WordPress for their websites, the online community continues to grow. WordPress has a reputable support department, but users also have access to an endless array of third-party forums. You may think your situation is an unusual one, but with the countless WordPress users connecting online, you’re sure to find the answers you need.

Along with these factors, WordPress is also always updating their capabilities. With all of these updates, the ease of use and popularity of this platform will only continue to grow. For many businesses who have invested time in WordPress rather than professional design and programming services, this platform has proven to be essential in today’s online marketplace. For more information about what WordPress can do for your business, please feel free to browse our list of the best WordPress design companies.