WordPress Speed Optimization Myths, Facts & Tips

wordpress speed optimization tipsHaving a fast website is important. After all, how many times have you visited a website, only to be stuck with a seemingly endless loading time, and then decide to click on the back button of your browser and find a different site? You don’t want your own visitors doing that. WordPress speed optimization is therefore a common goal, and here, you’ll learn some of the myths which surround the topic, as well as important facts and tips.

One of the biggest myths about WordPress speed is that it’s all about what’s on your website. That’s not the case.

The speed of your site begins with your host. Whether you don’t have the hosting resources to allow for quick loading for all of your visitors, or your host isn’t set up properly to handle WordPress sites and databases, either way, you could be bogged down. Therefore, make sure you find a high quality hosting provider known for WordPress to ensure you’re speedy from the start.

Is a CDN Worth It?

Another common myth is that the key to unlocking better WordPress speed is through a CDN, or content delivery network. This is a third-party server which will handle loading certain elements of your site, such as images and Javascript or CSS files.

While CDNs are certainly effective tools, they really only make sense for very popular, busy websites, who are serving up a great deal of media files, to a potentially global audience. Your average small to medium size business looking for a respectable web presence won’t need a CDN, and won’t experience many benefits with one, either.

Another myth about speed optimization for WordPress is that the end game is all about improving your performance grade. In truth, you can throw the performance grade out the window. The only fact that matters is the total loading time of your site. Focus on tactics that produce quantifiably quicker loading times, and don’t worry about recommendations which might improve a grade without offering results.

Keep in mind, WordPress is designed to be fast and efficient. That’s another of the many reasons why it’s such a popular and widespread platform. It’s everything we do to our sites after that slows them down. Dozens of semi-functional plugins, poorly coded, complex themes, and who knows what else.

When in doubt, strip your site down to the essentials and only add upon that when necessary. Of course, only trust an experienced, high quality professional to design your WordPress website. In this way, you’ll ensure that you receive streamlined, optimized themes which will quickly load and also function perfectly across desktops, smartphones, and tablets.